The ABC’s of EMV Technology:

If you’re confused about what’s next and why you should switch to EMV (Europay, Mastercard, Visa) technology – this is a must read!

It’s coming. Whether you like it or not, EMV technology will be here on October 1st and as a merchant, if you are accepting credit cards as payment, you MUST be READY! … Ready for the new system … or … Ready to pay the consequences of not doing so.  The choice is yours.  Perhaps you’re stuck on these key questions:

“WHAT is it all about?”
“WHY do I have to participate?”
“HOW does it affect MY Business?
A) EMV “chips” are right now (as you read this) being embedded in all newly issued credit cards. Industry experts anticipate 600 million to 800 million of the new cards will be issued to consumers by the end of the year.


B) Merchants (you) will need NEW Equipment in order to be able to process credit cards containing the new chip. Yes, it’s true that your current (non EMV-capable) equipment WILL in fact work with the new cards and upgrading is voluntary.


C) You take a HUGE risk in choosing NOT to do so!  The Merchant (you) will assume ALL liability for financial loss from fraudulent credit and debit card transactions if you decided not to upgrade transaction terminals to be EMV-capable.


This wasn’t MY idea!  (lol) This is a world-wide, industry-wide, technology upgrade.  I am simply delivering the news, in hopes of helping to educate you about why compliance is so important to your business’ cash flow and perhaps even your long term success.  Think about it … Charge backs and bad cards can ADD UP FAST. Ask yourself how long you can survive (possibly) NOT being paid what you are owed for your goods and services?

There. I’ve made EMV just about as simple as I can.  Of course, there is more to it on the technical side and I am happy to answer any and all Processing questions you may have.  I’ve found that the easiest and fastest way to get through the Q&A – with regard to your specific business – is via telephone consultation.

So if you would like to have such a conversation, simply click on the graphic below and shoot me a quick message.  I will be alerted immediately and reach out to you at my earliest opportunity.  I look forward to your call!