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The commerce landscape is constantly changing — driven by ever-evolving technology and consumer demand for constant connection. At Ignite Payments, we provide the cutting-edge solutions that merchants need to succeed in our fast-paced world.

We make it easy for merchants to accept payments quickly and easily, while ensuring that every transaction is secure. And we’re continuing to innovate for our merchants’ needs — going beyond payment processing to provide complete commerce management solutions.

Clover Go Update

Clover Go is Getting a Fantastic Makeover Get ready for faster, easier mobile payments. A new and improved Clover Go App experience is coming next week for both iOS and Android devices. After you update your app, you’ll immediately notice that it’s faster and... read more

Equifax Data Breach

Equifax Data Breach – For Your Information On Thursday, September 7, Equifax – one of the major providers of consumer credit services like credit reports and fraud monitoring in the United States – reported a widespread security breach. What happened... read more

MasterCard Registration Fees

Many retailers in the tobacco and vapor industry are seeing red when it comes to MasterCard registration fees.  The caption below, in November credit card processing statements, has many online business owners crying foul and wondering what is next…..... read more

Super America Donates to Special Olympics

SA and local soccer star support Special Olympics. MN United Star Jamie Watson and Super America have teamed up for a one day promotion to support MN Special Olympics.  In conjunction with the release of Kick’in Blue Strawberry, all proceeds from the... read more

Local business loses big with Square

I was talking to a business here in Minneapolis the other day and heard one of the greater horror stories yet regarding Square.  If you are using or are looking for an alternative to square, you gotta here this story. When someone hacked Mary’s Square... read more

Global buys Heartland for $3.8b

Global buys Heartland …Wow!  In what appears as an effort to increase customer satisfaction, Global Payments buys Heartland Payment Systems for $3.8 billion.  The Heartland makeover over the past decade, has not only drawn attention from the industry,... read more

Use OPM for your Ad Budget!

Did you know that McDonald’s uses Other People’s Money (OPM) to help stretch their Advertising Budget?  It’s true – and YOU can get it too!:  Ray Kroc knew a thing or two about building a business from scratch.  When you start a... read more

Customer Satisfaction is my 401k

[WHO is your best bet for a Payment Processing?] When choosing a credit card processor, most experienced business owners prefer to work directly with the source. Visa and MasterCard designate payment processors to set up the warehouses full of computers to move the... read more

Why businesses must switch to EMV!

The ABC’s of EMV Technology: If you’re confused about what’s next and why you should switch to EMV (Europay, Mastercard, Visa) technology – this is a must read! It’s coming. Whether you like it or not, EMV technology will be here on... read more