EMV Chip Card Enablement

From merchant statements and alerts to our next-generation Business Track® online portal and dashboard, CardConnect offers comprehensive reporting solutions such as EMV Chip Card Enablement for merchants of all sizes allowing efficient, secure management of payment transaction data.

Benefits for Business

Smart card adoption in the U.S., which is necessary for the implementation of a standard like EMV, requires a thorough understanding of chip-based payment enablement. Merchants should start considering how EMV technology implementation would affect their businesses, and look into options for accepting chip-based credit and debit cards.

  • Use a single EMV-enabled POS terminal for all transactions
  • Accept contactless and mobile payments using EMV technology
  • Mitigate fraud risks through EMV conversion

Key Components

  • Tools to assess what a smart card payment enablement plan would look like for upgrading all consumer-facing POS devices
  • Comprehensive payments security plan to identify ways you can reduce fraud and data theft risks
  • Cards with embedded computer chips that interact with an EMV-enabled point-of-sale terminal to validate the card

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