The Clover Rewards® Mobile Loyalty Program

A little loyalty. A lot of happy.

The Clover Rewards® mobile loyalty program is one of the easiest ways to market your business. By connecting you to customers through their mobile phones, it helps you draw customers back to your business with special offers and rewards they’ll love. Clover Rewards makes customers happy, and happy customers keep coming back.

illus-heartBenefits for Business

The Clover Rewards mobile loyalty solution helps you run the same kinds of sophisticated mobile marketing programs as nationwide chains—at a fraction of the cost. And it’s easy to use, as fast as an old-fashioned punchcard and compatible with almost every mobile phone.

The Beacon, a Bluetooth-enabled device that automatically recognizes when your most loyal customers enter your store.

An activation kit to help get your Perka program rolling.

In-store materials and social media support.

Performance indicators that allow you to track how your program is performing and help you figure out which perks are most popular.

Get Clover Rewards Now

Unique to your business.

Choose the best rewards and loyalty levels for your goals and your customers’ tastes. Pick from a points- or punch-based system and how many purchases are needed to earn new rewards.

Stronger customer relationships.

The app and Beacon help you identify your customers so that you can greet them by name, recommend additional items they might enjoy, and deliver a fun, personal experience that keeps them coming back for more.

Constant connection with customers.

Send special offers directly to their mobile phones through the Clover Rewards app, and engage your customers whether they are in the neighborhood or across town.

Rewards for sales, not visits.

Some loyalty programs give out points for just showing up. With the Clover Rewards program, you can validate purchases at the register to grant rewards only to your best, paying customers.