Merchant Statement Analysis

Is this guy analyzing your account?

Who can you trust?

The harsh reality of merchant services is that statement analysis is more of a dark art then the science it should be.  Most sales reps use the following tactics to wow you:

  • Slick Presentations
  • Excel Spreadsheets
  • Obscure Jargon
  • Underwriter Objections
  • Elaborate Sales Cons

Don’t be fooled.  These are just a few of the techniques sales reps use to maximize the amount they collect on your account and still get you to sign.

Data Doesn’t Lie (experience sure helps too)

Our platform, CardConnect, processes 2,000 transactions per second, each and every day of the year. CardConnect is on the forefront of Big Data using complex algorithms to bring a level of sophistication to business analysis, ‘the likes of which have never been seen before’.

As an independent office of CardConnect, our access to these tools and algorithms gives us a powerful advantage when it comes to analyzing your account. Our process is as follows:

  1. Import your statement info into our data engine.
  2. Determine your actual cost of processing
  3. Compare your program to our ClearView Pricing Plan
  4. Show you the savings
  5. Guarantee the savings

Information is power, find out today just how much money you can put back in your till each month.

Get an accurate analysis today!