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The commerce landscape is constantly changing — driven by ever-evolving technology and consumer demand for constant connection. At Ignite Payments, we provide the cutting-edge solutions that merchants need to succeed in our fast-paced world.

We make it easy for merchants to accept payments quickly and easily, while ensuring that every transaction is secure. And we’re continuing to innovate for our merchants’ needs — going beyond payment processing to provide complete commerce management solutions.

Credit Card Industry Jargon

Credit card industry jargon can be extremely confusing. Have you ever stumbled through a document that mentions ACH, EMV, CVC and MICR all in the same paragraph? We know the payments industry isn’t the friendliest of authors and, while we can’t make all of the... read more

Four Steps to Empower Small Businesses

Four Steps to Empower Small Businesses Emerging technologies are empowering owners and managers with the tools required to run faster and more efficiently, while competing with larger rivals. These are technologies that can help small business owners avoid costly... read more